Olga Kretsch Photography


that´s me! photo by Romana Maalouf

Hello lovely people!

My name is Olga, I was born in Ukraine and I have been living in Vienna since my childhood in the early 90ties. My great interest for photography also began to grow at that time. My grandpa had a darkroom with all these fancy Russian cameras. It was so exciting for me to see the progress in developing a photograph. MAGIC. It is still magic to me… After studying photography, I married the most wonderful man on this planet. Seriously, he is an amazing person and if you book me for a wedding you will get to know him as well, because he is often assisting me… what's the phrase... my partner in crime. His name is Wolf. We travel a lot around the globe and love diving as much as exploring. One of our favourite destinations is South-East Asia.

Burma, me between heat, amazing culture & these two lovely nuns

 Wedding photography, my passion

In 2010, I photographed a wedding for the first time. It was incredible for me to be part of something so beautiful and full of emotions. My photographer's heart was filled. After receiving so many positive reactions to the results, I began to live my dream.

Thank you, Denys Ilin, for capturing our very small wedding...
and also this;

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